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Better Know a Playoff Team: Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox have an Angel of their own pulling for them.
The Red Sox have an Angel of their own pulling for them.

Just like with the Angels and Yankees, we continue our series "Two Truths and a Lie" with the AL Wild Card-winning Sawx.  Can you guess which two are true and which one I made up?

1.  The Red Sox were 2nd in the AL in getting hit by pitches with 70.  That's a lot of Boston (baked) Beans!

2.  This year, the Red Sox celebrated Carlton Fisk's 1975 Game 6 and World Series-winning home run against the Reds with Joe Posnanski's new book "Beating the Machine:  How Luis Tiant Shut Down the Greatest Offense in Baseball History".

3.  Leadoff man and CF Jacoby Ellsbury led the league in steals with 70.  That is 45 more than Willy Taveras.

Like Brendanukkah said, the Red Sox have man-handled the Angels in the postseason lately, having won 12 of 13 Games That Count.  Can Big Papi, Lil' Peddy, and the Youk continue their dominance over the Angels, or will they be grilling portobello mushroom burgers of victory out there on the Left Coast?  The series begins Thursday night in Anaheim with the first pitch set to be thrown out at 9:37 PM.