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Better Know a Playoff Team: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Here are three things you should know about the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, who won the AL West by ten games and had the second best record in baseball.  Two of these things are true, and one of them is a lie.

1. The Angels used to play at Wrigley Field.

2. Nick Adenhart had the highest ERA+ on the team.

3. The Angels retired the number of Gene Autry, who never played.

Which one of these factlets is bold-faced fabrication?  Tell me now, and share all other Angels related arcana in the comments below.

Let's cheer on the Angels as they square off against the Boston Red Sox.  They are 0-4 in playoff series against Boston, and have lost 12 of the last 13 postseason games to the Red Sox, but this year, they feel lucky.  It could happen.