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Red Reposter - Saying Goodbye to Another Season and a Pair of Media Giants

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I couldnt find a pic of George and Hal from yesterday's game, so I went with this one instead.
I couldnt find a pic of George and Hal from yesterday's game, so I went with this one instead.
  • The Fay doesnt believe just yet that the Reds are set to contend next year
    but he sees some guys to get excited about. Namely Homer Bailey, Johnny Cueto, Drew Stubbs, Nick Masset, Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, and Matt Maloney. But he also says the payroll will almost definitely drop from the $73 mil they spent this year, so they wont be making any free agent splashes. In fact, he even goes so far as to say they may not be able to offer Jonny Gomes arbitration because of the limited money.

  • If you watched the game yesterday or followed the game thread
    you know that George Grande is "gonna beeeeeeee...GONE!!" The Eternal Optimist is calling it quits to spend more time with his family. Grande has certainly taken a lot of guff around here for his verbosity and Archie Comics demeanor, but he's definitely one of the classiest guys in the biz. He never had a bad thing to say about anyone, and the reverse is most definitely true.

  • As we all know, Sunday was also Hall o' Famer Hal's last game covering the Reds for the DDN
    Before the game Brandon Phillips approached him and handed him a bat inscribed "To Hal ‘HofF’ McCoy. Thank you for all the support! Sorry that you have go go, but I know it’s not the last!’ Brandon Phillips, #4, Your boy, 30/30." PR director Jamie Ramsey later told Hal that BP will not sign anything "30/30" for anyone but his parents. Hal was understandably touched.

    After that, Hal was asked to meet a father and son in the press room. The kid caught Jonny Gomes' home run on Hal McCoy Night, the ball hit by the bat that Gomes signed and gave to Hal. The kid wanted to give Hal the ball as well.  These small tokens of gratitude are but a symbol of the great appreciation we Reds' fans have for him.  Luckily, Hal says he's definitely going to be writing some kind of blog in the future.

  • Despite his preference for pitching in the DWL this winter
    Johnny Cueto will be prohibited from toeing the rubber on the island. Due to the "Extreme Fatigue Rule", which states that a pitcher can be held out of winter league if he pitches more than 170 innings in the MLB regular season, Cueto will have to sit it out. He threw 171 1/3 innings this year. This is a very good thing for the Reds because Cueto has pitched almost non-stop since the '07 season due to winter ball and the WBC. Take it easy this winter Johnny, play some X-Box, rest up, let yourself put on a little weight, and go to Arizona in February with a fresh arm.

  • Bronson Arroyo says he wont have surgery to clean up his carpal tunnel
    "I feel too good," he said. "I think I’ll be all right if I stay away from pens and the guitar for another year." 

  • Former Reds Beat Writer Marc Lancaster is getting out of the baseball beat writer biz.
    Lancaster worked at the Cincinnati Post for 3 years before moving to the Tampa Tribune for the last 3 years. Good luck Marc!

  • Jayson Stark hands out his yearly awards
    and local heartthrob Paul Janish makes the list. He won the award titled "Magical Mystery Man Tour", but I have no idea what that means. Janish was the first position player-turned-relief pitcher to give up 11 runs in the same season since 1964. "You know, records are made to be broken," Janish told Year in Review. "And I'm definitely breaking records. They're just the wrong damn records."