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An Unofficial Update on Our The Machine Giveaway Standings

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Back in April, before the season started, we had ourselves a little contest.  You were asked to predict the final rankings for each division, the playoffs, and the winners of the MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year for each league.  I promised to total those predictions up and give the entrant with the best results a copy of Joe Posnanski's book The Machine, detail the 1975 season for the Cincinnati Reds.  What I didn't tell you is that the book will be signed by the author himself, which it is.  Hopefully those of you who may have already bought the book will still enjoy having a signed copy in your collection if you win the contest.

You are probably wondering though whether or not you still have a chance to win.  Well, as a matter of fact, I have the unofficial results for you right after the jump.  We currently have a 3-way tie for first place between The Crushinator,  c60, and cokane.  There are still 40 points available, and none of the leaders have either the Yankees or Phillies winning the Series, so this is still open to many people down the chain.  That's not to say people haven't been mathematically eliminated yet (3 Fast 3 Furious), but there are still a large number of entrants who have a shot to take home the prize.

These standings are definitely unofficial.  I encourage you to review your entry and double-check your points because I did the calculation by hand.  I will triple-check them myself once the contest is over, but I figured I'd give you a quick results list so that you can get an idea where you stand.  Leave any questions in the comments section below.

Contestant Points WS Winner?
The Crushinator +8
c60 +8
cokane +8
iamwallaman +6 Yankees
Caleb +4 Yankees
BK +3 Yankees
Colts Homer +2
Madville +2
joshuar9476 -1
gejoe -4 Phillies
crolfer -5
NoahJ -5
the hammer -6 Yankees
ben nevis -7
greg456 -9
obc2 -11
KL Snow -11
too much verity -12
teb7 -15
elcajonreds -15
backtocali -15 Yankees
IndyRedsFan -16
Charlie Scrabbles -19
Red Menace -20
ken -22
jloons42 -22
Brian B -29
3 Fast 3 Furious -33