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Red Reposter - Should the Reds Trade Coco? Can They?

  • Hall o' Famer Hal doesnt seem tremendously excited that the Reds hired Bryan Price to be the new pitching coach
    He says he would have preferred Ted Power, who could jump ship for a better job in another organization, Mario Soto, who likely didnt want the job anyway, or former Reds pitching coach Don Gullett. Price seems like a solid pick to me though.

  • The Reds held the grand opening of their new spring training complex in Goodyear, AZ on Saturday
  •  and Jim Misudek as the pictures to prove it
  • Jim also tells us Mike Lincoln pitched in the final game of the instructional league
    No matter what you think about how overpaid he is, we all should tip our caps to this guy. After all the parts of his body he's had replaced over the years he's practically a Terminator.

  • Here's a sample from this week's "Ask Hal"
    Q If the Reds really are cash-strapped, as you wrote, do you think they could trade Aaron Harang, Bronson Arroyo or Francisco Cordero? A team in the Reds’ situation can’t afford that kind of cash outlay for a closer, can they? — Paul, Dayton
    A I’d trade Cordero in an eye flick and help him pack. Saves are the most overrated statistic in baseball. Most mean nothing. Get three outs in mostly easy situations and, wham, another save. Can the Reds afford to pay Cordero $25 million over the next two years while they try to build a competitive team? Don’t think so. Coco needs to go-go.

    I would love to see Coco moved this winter, but I cant envision a situation where it could happen.  It would take a good team needing an upgrade at closer and the money and penchant to overpay for it.  The Phillies will probably look around after the year that Brad Lidge had, but Lidge will make just as much as Coco the next two years, and they also have significant monies tied into JC Romero and Ryan Madsen.  So if they look for an upgrade, it will probably be a cheap one. 

    The Cubs and Angels could both be looking for new closers this winter as well.  But even in the unlikely event that a partner is found, I wouldnt expect anything of intrigue to be coming back.  The Reds need to free up the money and shouldnt kill a deal over a few middling prospects.

  • In minor trade matters
    the Reds finalized the David Weathers trade last week. They got an undisclosed amount of cash. Thus unceremoniously ends an era in Cincinnati.  Godspeed Stormy!

  • Red Reposter NEWS FROM HELL
    As of Friday morning, the Yankees had yet to sell all of the tickets available for Game 1 against the Angels. I couldnt track down whether they eventually did or not, but it is really a black eye on the face of The Greatest Franchise in the World.  The House That Caligula Built isnt looking too good, is it?

  • Speaking of the Yankees
    Matt Carruth at FanGraphs says A-Rod is every bit the clutch performer that Mr. November is, and all his computer friends can prove it.