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Completely Random Discussion Question: Should Vladimir Guerrero end up in the HoF?

There's no baseball for a while, so we need something to talk about.

And lo and behold, I was reading some random column on yahoo in which the author talks about how great it is that Vladimir Guerrero hit that game-winner off of Jonathan Papelbon.  And then he works this in:

Guerrero has always quietly been a fantastic player and one day he'll head to the Hall of Fame.

Which made me say, "Whoa there, Mr....wait, WTF is your name?  'Duk?  Seriously?"  Then I looked Guerrero up on BBRef.  And then I said, "Hrm."

So: I expect you to tell me why he should or should not end up in the Hall.  Please make your arguments concise and back them up with concrete examples.  Charlie Scrabbles and Man Mountain will be assisting in the grading (not that they know this yet).