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That's a mistranslation of the Bible. Jesus actually wore a Carpenter jersey. Reds lose 13-0.

Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Chris Carpenter.  Not only did Carpenter pitch five innings of shutout ball, not only did he allow a mere three hits, not only did he strike out six, but he also went 2-3 with 6 RBI, including a grand slam.  Albert who?!

Key Plays

  • Kip Wells pitched a scoreless first inning.
  • Chris Carpenter hit a grand slam in the second.  That's about as key a play as there is.  When you give up a home run to the pitcher, it's bad.  When it's his first home run of his career, it's bad.  When it's with the bases loaded, it's bad. 
  • Kip Wells gave up five runs, Micah Owings gave up four runs, Carlos Fisher gave up three runs, and li'l Danny Ray Herrera only gave up the one.



Other Notes

  • After some whinging by the Cardinals after their loss last night, a beanball fest seemed inevitable.  Scott Rolen and Juan Francisco got plunked for the good guys, while Kip Wells hit Brendan Ryan, one of the few Cardinals not hitting Kip Wells.
  • The last Cardinals pitcher to hit a grand slam was Kent Mercker in 1998.
  • The Reds only had five hits, but Adam Rosales had two of them.  Their only extra base hit came courtesy of Micah Owings.
  • El Nino Destructor has a .500 OBP.  Sustainability, schmustainability, that's just fun!
  • Chris Carpenter is really good when it comes to facing the Reds.  Entering this game, he had a 0.846 WHIP against them, the second lowest of any team he's faced more than once.  And now, it's a little bit closer to the 0.838 he has against Tampa Bay.