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2009 Reds Community Projections - Outfielders

Time for our next round of community projections.  If you haven't submitted your infield projections you can do so through this link.  Just a few quick reminders on the why and the what:

  • These projections are being done with the intent of generating a whole team projection for Beyond The Box Score's project.  When all is said and done, we should have a reasonable idea of what record the community expects to manage this season.
  • Don't forget that there will be prizes for the best prognosticator at the end of the season.  The only way to qualify for the prize though is to be sure to submit at least 20 player projections.  Only your best 20 projections will count toward the prize, so there is no risk in projecting more than 20 players.
  • The hardest part for projection systems to judge is playing time, so this is where human estimates tend to work better.  It is important that you try to be realistic on playing time projections.  Try to think in terms of what will happen, not what should happen.  Even if you think Willy Taveras should be on the bench, realize that is not a likely scenario at least to start the season.  However, if you believe that Taveras might play himself out of the lineup, then by all means project that.
  • After the jump you'll see the 30th through 70th percentile projections from the CHONE projections for each player.  Feel free to use those as a guide or to go out on your own.  I have tried to include any current players in the organization who might see playing time.  Let me know if someone is missing.

Feel free to discuss your projections in the comments.  I'm interested to hear how you all think each player is going to perform.

Player 30th 40th 50th 60th 70th
Jay Bruce
.259/.312/.459 .266/.322/.484 .276/.334/.509 .286/.346/.536 .295/.357/.560
Shaun Cumberland
.225/.277/.316 .232/.285/.334 .241/.297/.356 .249/.307/.370 .257/.319/.393
Chris Dickerson
.218/.305/.368 .229/.319/.395 .238/.330/.419 .244/.339/.437 .252/.350/.455
Danny Dorn .224/.286/.384 .237/.303/.413 .249/.319/.447 .260/.333/.482 .273/.349/.517
Jonny Gomes
.237/.334/.464 .246/.346/.479 .255/.357/.507 .266/.370/.533 .274/.382/.561
Jerry Hairston Jr.
.246/.302/.351 .254/.316/.370 .265/.328/.395 .275/.342/.422 .284/.353/.441
Chris Heisy
.231/.279/.322 .244/.296/.349 .256/.310/.382 .268/.325/.410 .281/.341/.439
Sean Henry
.228/.280/.338 .238/.296/.363 .249/.309/.387 .260/.323/.414 .271/.337/.439
Norris Hopper
.274/.315/.339 .279/.324/.342 .290/.339/.364 .299/.350/.382 .311/.364/.409
Laynce Nix
.237/.290/.423 .246/.301/.449 .253/.312/.466 .263/.324/.491 .273/.336/.518
Drew Stubbs
.209/.277/.295 .218/.290/.316 .229/.306/.344 .242/.322/.375 .254/.337/.402
Willy Taveras
.261/.310/.318 .268/.319/.332 .273/.328/.341 .282/.337/.361 .287/.345/.368