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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


We have a winner in the Josh Roenicke Jersey Sweepstakes!  The winner is Petey Hendrix with his scientific guess of 68,211:

I have excellent math skills

I selected the median of joshuar9476’s and boobs’ answers. I believe I did that perfectly.

For example, if a < b < c, then the median of the list {a, b, c} is b, and if a < b < c < d, then the median of the list {a, b, c, d} is the mean of b and c, i.e. it is (b + c)/2.

This saved me a lot of footwork, and did not alter my chances of winning.

Well, Petey, you picked the right two guys to cheat off of.  So, congratulations on your selection!  I will email you to get shipping information for the jersey.  Shipping charges are only $1300.  I do accept you allowing me to use your Visa or Mastercard for one day.

Answers to each question after the jump.

  1. What is the Reds single-game regular season home attendance record?
    55,596.  The game was Griffey's debut as a Red.  It was rained out and ended as a tie in the 6th inning.

  2. What is the true distance of the longest home run hit at GABP in 2008 according to Hit Tracker Online?
    465.  Both Adam Dunn and Ryan Howard hit 465ft home runs at GABP this past year.

  3. What is the most wins in a single season by the Reds?
    108.  C'mon, you should know this one.

  4. What is the sum of the years of all of the Reds World Series championships?
    9800.  1919 + 1940 + 1975 + 1976 + 1990

  5. What is the winning percentage of Jack McKeon as manager of the Reds multiplied by 1000?
    529.  He has more wins with the Reds than any other team he managed with.

  6. What is the total number of home runs hit by Reds other than Ken Griffey Jr. and Adam Dunn since the start of the 2001 season?
    1111.  The Reds have hit 1551 HR since 2001 with 440 of those coming from Griffey and Dunn.

  7. What is the number of wins by the Reds in 2008 when they were trailing at the start of the 9th inning?
    7.  The most in the Majors in 2008.

  8. How many times Corey Patterson led off the first inning for the Reds offense with an out in 2008?
    24.  Including 11 at bats that lasted only 2 pitches.

  9. What is the length of the longest winning streak by the Reds in the 2000s?
    8.  From May 31st to June 8th in 2006.

  10. What is the total number of days spent in first place (including tied for first) by the Reds in the 2000s?
    128.  It's hard to link to this one, but the days in first are at the top of each year's team page schedule on  Here is the breakdown:
    2000:  9 days
    2001:  3 days
    2002: 51 days
    2003:  0 days
    2004: 28 days
    2005:  3 days
    2006: 23 days
    2007: 10 days
    2008:  1 day

  11. How many home runs did Josh Roenicke's father hit in the Majors?
    121.  His father is Gary Roenicke.  His uncle, Ron, hit 17 big league home runs.

  12. What is the number of home runs hit by Josh Roenicke while attending UCLA?
    1.  He hit his only home run in his senior year.

  13. How many innings did Josh Roenicke pitch in his senior year at UCLA?
    13.  He only pitched 15.1 innings total in college before being drafted by the Reds.

  14. What is the overall pick number (not the round) that the Reds used to draft Josh Roenicke in 2006?
    294.  Other famous 294th picks include Howie Kendrick, Toby Hall, Johnny Ray, and Jack Clark.

  15. How many strikeouts did Roenicke record while pitching for the Reds in 2008?
    6. This includes striking out the side in the 4th inning on September 28th while throwing only 3 balls in the inning.