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99 Problems but a Lack of Links Ain't One

Let's take a look at what the internet is saying about baseball today:

CTR interviewed Yonder Alonso while caravaning.  He talks mostly about being excited for Spring Training and how he wants to start the season in Cincinnati, but the most interesting thing to me was this line:  "While in Hawaii, Alonso said he played some third base and there were plans of him playing left field that never materialized. Although most believe he's a first baseman only, Alonso said he felt comfortable at third base."  Obviously, comfort and aptitude are very different things, but it would be cool if he is capable of playing 3B/LF as well as 1B.

Joe Pos has another great read, with this little nugget that piqued my curiosity: 

"Speaking of out-of-place second basemen, our KC Star pal Sam Mellinger reports that the Royals are going to give Mark Teahen a shot to play some second base."

Hmmm...the Royals are trying to see if a player can play at a position he hasn't played in a while.  It should really add some flexibility to their roster, as they don't really have a real answer at 2B right now.  Remind me again why the Reds don't try stuff like this?  I'm looking at you, Brandon Phillips.

A few good, young pitchers have signed long-term extensions this winter, with Cole Hamels headlining that list and the Royals' Zach Greinke joining that party a few days ago.  There are also reports that the Rockies' Ubaldo Jimenez and the Pirates' Paul Maholm are looking at the possibility as well.  What do you think about our pair of young hurlers?  Is it too early to think about a long-term deal for Cueto and Volquez, or is that kind of security worth the risk?

Lastly, our very own "Red Reporter to the Stars" Petey Hendrix brought up a new video game from 2K Sports called MLB Front Office Manager.  I apologize for making you jump to TradeRumors first, but they are a dear friend and great resource and it looks like they get some ad revenue if you click the link from their site.  I haven't played video games in a few years, but that may have to change now.  Who doesn't want to be the GM of the Reds?