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Tuesday Open Thread: Twins at White Sox

I don't have a whole lot to talk about today. Things are quiet right now in Redsland. C Trent has a list of what he sees as the Reds needs this off-season. The first thing he lists is a right-handed bat. I understand this belief that a right-handed bat is the key need, but I would argue that it is more important to think about positional need and look to improve the team that way. If you can get a right-handed bat to fill that need, then so be it. The more important goal is to get the best player you can get at each position.

In fact, the Reds actually hit better against lefties (.257/.336/.420) than righties (.243/.314/.403) this year and 69% of their plate appearances came against right-handers. At this point, nobody should be off the table at shortstop, catcher or in the outfield just because of their handedness. Look for quality players first and foremost and then look at other factors as a tie-breaker.


Once again, all eyes of the baseball world will be focused on Chicago and the White Sox today. Today's play-in game marks the second consecutive year that we've seen an extra game added to the regular season. Last year the Colorado Rockies beat the San Diego Padres just before they swept their way through the NL playoffs. Will the winner today follow the same path?

The Twins throw 26-year old rookie Nick Blackburn on the mound against 23-year old John Danks. Danks is a former Texas Rangers farmhand who blossomed once he was traded by the Rangers. Sound familiar?

2008 - Nick Blackburn 11-10 4.14 1.37 93 36

2008 - John Danks 11-9 3.47 1.25 155 54

The winner of today's game travels to Tampa Bay to play the first playoff game ever at Tropicana Field, hopefully in front of a packed house. The Rays have had a hard time drawing fans on the weekdays this season, though admittedly not as hard of a time as the Reds. Do you think they'll finally come out for the playoffs?

Anyone think this could possibly be Ken Griffey Jr's last game ever? I don't expect it to be, but he may have a hard time drawing interest in the off-season.