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Monday Open Thread: Tigers at White Sox

Only one game today as the White Sox (and Griffey) try to save their last shot at the playoffs. Game time is 2:05pm ET. Here is the pitching matchup:

2008 - Freddy Garcia 1-1 4.50 1.20 9 3

2008 - Gavin Floyd 16-8 3.91 1.26 137 68

If you are still trying to figure out which team to root for during the playoffs, here are the former Reds players on each team. I just eyeballed my way through the list, so let me know if I missed anybody.

Tampa Bay Rays
Grant Balfour(DNP w/ Reds)
Marc Lancaster (former beat writer)

Philadelphia Phillies

Boston Red Sox
Sean Casey
David Ross
Chicago Cubs
Ryan Dempster
Minnesota Twins
Brendan Harris
Ryan Jorgensen
Dennys Reyes
Eddie Guardado
Milwaukee Brewers
Mike Cameron
Russell Branyan
Todd Coffey
Chicago White Sox
Paul Konerko
Ken Griffey Jr.
Dewayne Wise
Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Angels
Dustin Moseley (drafted by Reds, traded for Ramon Ortiz)

Not all of these guys will make it on to the post season roster but all will likely receive some share of the playoff winnings, unless their teammates hate them.

I'll probably do an open thread for every day of the playoffs. I'm going to try to mix in some analysis, but I have a project at my real job that is kicking my ass right now. I'll be making more of an effort to bump things to the front page this off-season, so if you feel like writing something up in a FanPost™, go for it. There is a good chance that I'll bump it to the front page if it is quality. I'm looking more for stuff that contains real analysis rather than "This is what I'd do..." kind of posts. Not that you shouldn't post the latter, just that it won't likely get bumped.

As always, your participation in bringing news and insight to this site is what makes Red Reporter what it is. Hopefully we'll have an off-season that is worth talking about, and better yet worth getting excited about!