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Game 162: Reds at Cardinals

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Cincinnati Reds
@ St. Louis Cardinals

Sunday, Sep 28, 2008, 2:15 PM EDT
Busch Stadium

Adam Pettyjohn vs Kyle Lohse

Sunny. Winds blowing out to center field at 5-10 m.p.h. Game Time temperature: Around 80.

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2008 - Adam Pettyjohn 0-0 4.50 2.00 1 0

2008 - Kyle Lohse 15-6 3.78 1.30 119 49

You know, one of these years a guy like Adam Pettyjohn is going to start the last game of the season in order to help the Reds set up their rotation for the playoffs, kinda like the Cubs are doing with Zambrano today. Until then, we get to close the season with someone who won't likely be in the organization next year. I'm not dogging on Pettyjohn, just looking forward to the day when game 162 isn't the end of the season.

So when the Reds clinched a winning month on Tuesday by beating Houston, apparently they reached their goal for the month as they have lost 4 in a row since then. It'd be nice if they finished the season on a win, but whatever. It's been a long season - even though it always seems to end too early - let's get moving on making 2009 something much better than 2008.

One last note - let's try to keep the Bengals game threading to a minimum. If you want to talk about the Bengals, check out the Cincy Jungle. I don't mind the occasional updates, but it seems like the last couple of Sunday game threads have been more Bengals than Reds. Kirkendall puts a lot of effort into his Cincy Jungle site and he actually cares about the Bengals. Go talk about them there.