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Farmers only: Get to know Yonder

Chris Dickerson

Triple-A: Chris Dickerson went 3 for 5 with a run and the go-ahead RBI as Louisville won 2-1. Adam Pettyjohn (12-4) won his 5th straight start, and Josh Roenicke threw a perfect inning for his 3rd save.

Double-A: Justin Turner was 3 for 4 in Chattanooga's 3-2 win. Sam Lecure allowed just 1 run in 7 innings, striking out 3, and Sean Watson struck out 2 for the save.

Kyle Lotzkar

High A: Todd Frazier doubled and Juan Francisco tripled in a run in Sarasota's 3-0 win.

Low A: Justin Reed singled in Keltavious Jones in the 5th for Dayton's 1-0 win. Kyle Lotzkar struck out 2 before leaving in the 3rd with an undisclosed arm injury. Juan Rafael struck out 7 in relief for the win.

Rookies: Tyler Stovall was 2 for 4 with an RBI, but Billings lost 4-3. ... The G-Reds managed just 4 hits but won 6-2. Three of those hits came from Humberto Sosa, who had 2 doubles and 2 RBIs. In a makeup game beforehand, Matt Maloney struck out 9 in rehab relief, and the Reds won 2-0.

Saturday night: Chris Valaika had 3 hits and 5 RBIs, Danny Dorn had 2 doubles and Drew Stubbs had 3 hits in Chattanooga's 13-2 win. The Lookouts got 20 hits. ... Todd Frazier launched a walk-off homer in the 15th. ... Zach Cozart had 3 hits. ... Juan Duran hit his first homer.

Yonder Alonso

Finally, Yonder Alonso -- the Reds' 1st-round pick who scouting director Chris Buckley thinks we'll sign by the August 15th deadline -- spoke with teenage brothers associated with the Miami Herald in a story published yesterday. Here are a few of his statements:

Q: What really ticks you off?
A: People that are not neat. I don't like it at all. I like to be very neat.

Q: Does your mind ever wander during a game or during a break?
A: Yes, a lot. Too much. I just start thinking about a lot of things but don't tell my coach. He would probably get mad, but I definitely start wandering off. I don't know why. I just do it.

Q: What is the coolest prank you have ever done?
A: My roommate was sleeping and I wanted to mess around with his hair. So I shaved half of his hair and made a U on the other half.


Cartoon character: Doug.
Superhero: Iron Man.
Movie: Spy Kids (emphasis mine).
Color: Red.
Animal: Lion.
Video game: Call Of Duty.
President: George W. Bush.