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An abbreviated Farmers Only

Neftali Soto

Danny Dorn homered and was 3 for 4 in Chattanooga's 10-1 loss. Also, Neftali Soto homered and is up to a .321 BA (yes, he's only 19) in Dayton's 4-2 loss.

The Bats won again, the S-Reds won 7-0 and lost 3-0, the G-Reds suffered a pair of losses and Michael Konstanty was 2 for 4 in Billings' 13-3 loss.

So what gets you going at this point in the season for the Reds? It's obviously a lost year as far as the major league club is concerned, but there are some prospects who are prospering and the club seems interested in competing next season. Does anything in particular give you hope?