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Thursday Quick Hits


There's not a whole lot of fun going on in Redsland right now, but I thought I'd drop some things on you:

  • I know we're all getting a little burnt out on Adam Dunn discussion, but I thought Patriot had an interesting split personality conversation with himself about the subject.  My favorite line:
    Whatever. Dunn could be so much better if he changed his approach and tried to put the ball in play more often.

    I suppose that’s possible. But now you’re evaluating him based on what you think he should be, rather than what he is.
  • By the way, Dunn disputes Arroyo's claim that he is looking for $100+ million.
  • JinAZ is starting to settle into becoming JinPA and he finally got to watch the Reds last night for the first time in a while.  Poor guy.  Anyway, he brought up moving EdE to LF, something that we've discussed on this site before, and it made me wonder, is there any reason not to try it out starting right now?  Do the Reds really think that EdE can play thirdbase for well into the future?  If not, then why not take this opportunity to get some time in LF while the coaches can evaluate him and, you know, coach him? 
  • Similarly, Hal asks why Josh Fogg gets to keep pitching for the Reds while Homer Bailey is down in Louisville?  What's it say about the current Reds coaching staff that they would rather Bailey pitch in Louisville than with the big league team with big league coaches?  Clearly Bailey's not ready, but is it going to do any good for him to continue to be a AAAA pitcher against AAA competition?  But hey, at least we get to have Josh Fogg helping our chances of getting back to .500.
  • On a positive note, Drew Stubbs had an excellent debut for the Bats last night in Louisville's 6-4 victory.  He went 2 for 4 with a double, a home run, and a walk.  Bailey pitched alright, going 6.1 innings and allowing 4 runs on 7 hits while striking out six.  In unexpected news, Devin Mesoraco went 1 for 4 in Dayton's 4-2 win over Great Lakes.