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Open Wednesday thread

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  • I think Micah Owings -- who reportedly will be one of the players to fill out the Adam Dunn deal -- would be a good candidate for a move to the outfield. He batted cleanup as a DH for Tulane and is a well-documented slugger, albeit in few professional at-bats. But with claims of his extraordinary athleticism, I don't see any reason not to make Rick Ankiel comparisons. Owings was a mess on the mound for the D-Backs this season and is now in Tucson, where he's made 2 starts and given up 3 homers but is missing time with a shoulder injury. A move to a position makes all kinds of sense. (Also, check out Man Mountain's FanPost on Owings and LeatherPants.)
  • Dunn wears No. 32 for Arizona, for which he got on base three times last night in a win. "It was the first time I'd been a part of a win in a long time," Dunn said. Ouchie. As for the 44, Owings is still on the team's 40-man, so he'll hold onto the rights to the number, I suppose.
  • The Fay reports that Bronson Arroyo said last night that Dunn will seek a $100-$120 million contract.
  • Aguido Gonzalez, who struck out 4 in 2 innings last night and still hasn't given up an earned run this season, is something of a badass.
  • Still no news on Yonder Alonso, who has until Friday to sign with the Reds. Jim Callis at Baseball America thinks he's angling for a major league deal.