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Farmers only: Homer dominates for 5 and two-thirds, and then that happens

My new theory is that Homer can be dominant when he wants to be and just sucks ass to make us mad so that the Reds will trade him. He was one out away from a nearly flawless 6 innings before giving up 3 singles, a double and another single to guys he easily dispatched twice before in the game. Anybody else have a more-outlandish-yet-plausible theory?

Homer Bailey

Triple-A: Homer Bailey pitched beautifully through 5.2 innings (1H, 0BB, 0R, 7K) before vomiting all over the mound with 2 outs in the 6th, ultimately losing the game 4-3. He's taunting us.

Double-A: Sam Lecure struck out 8 in 7 innings, but Chattanooga lost 4-3.

High A: The S-Reds managed only 3 hits and generally sucked in a 2-1 loss, although Philippe-Alexandre Valiquette has his ERA down to 2.89 (lower than it was in Dayton) and has 48 strikeouts on the year in 45 innings. Just sayin', he might be cruisin for another promotion.

Jeremy Horst

Low A: Neftali Soto was 2 for 4 with a double in Dayton's 9-1 win. Jeremy Horst struck out 7 and allowed just 1 run in 5 innings in his second career start. He was our 21st-round pick last year out of Iowa Western CC, but he's been a terrific reliever to this point and now looks like he might be a quality starter. I'll try to find out more about him, but for now he's definitely on the radar.

Also, the DSL Reds played the Diamondbacks/Reds, which I still haven't wrapped my head around, and if you want to read about that, go here. Miguel Rodriguez was 2 for 5 with a double.