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Monday quick hits

  • According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram (discussed here), the Rangers are urging Major League Baseball to look into the Athletics' dealings with Michel Inoa. The Rangers think the A's had a deal in place before the July 2 deadline since, by some accounts, Inoa accepted less money than the Rangers and Reds offered to sign with the Athletics. (Inoa ended up receiving a $4.25 million signing bonus.)
  • In the John Erardi/Slyde/Greg Gajus/Justin Inaz stat column, published yesterday, the folks remind you that the Big Red Machine didn't bunt so much. This one facet of Dusty's personality has done more to ruin my enthusiasm this season than anything else, as I know that even if Adam Dunn or Jay Bruce comes to the plate with a runner on first and nobody out in the 7th inning or later, they'll be asked to bunt. It makes me hope that first batter just gets out so that the bopper can swing away.
  • Yahoo's Jeff Pasan calls the Indians' take in the C.C. Sabathia trade an "OK haul," but he says it wasn't nearly in line with what the Indians got for Bartolo Colon (Grady Sizemore, Cliff Lee, and Brandon Phillips). Still, he thinks the Brewers are getting the better end of the deal.
  • To keep up with Milwaukee, the Cubs are in talks with Oakland for Rich Harden. The NL Central is suddenly the division of movers and shakers.
  • Bernie of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch thinks the Cardinals are starting to show their cracks, although he uses as evidence their batting average with runners in scoring position (ugh.) But he suggests the Cardinals' brass start moving some prospects for more established talent to keep up with the Brewers and Cubs, which I would be all for.
  • This guy tried to beef up his resume by falsely claiming he was drafted by the Reds. Was that really the best way to go about puffing yourself up, sir?

That's about all I have for now. Feel free to discuss whatever or drop a link to your favorite piece of Internet reading material.