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Trade day thread, continued

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Ted Warren/Associated Press

Here are a few links to keep the conversation going...

Jim Molony looks back on what calls the "Disappointing Griffey era."

Jay Mariotti doesn't think the White Sox tried hard enough to improve. Color him unimpressed with Junior.

The Doc: "In hindsight, he never fit. Griffey never embraced Cincinnati. Cincinnati didn’t give him much of a chance. This isn’t a great town for superstars. We don’t cater well. In that respect, Griffey was always too big a presence. He wanted room service. We pointed to the drive-thru."

The Chicago Tribune's Mike Downey is "stoked" about the trade.

The Sporting News says Griffey "isn't an ideal fit" for the White Sox" -- quite an understatement.

And Keith Law likes the deal for both teams, although he calls Griffey "more of a mistake hitter than a true middle-of-the-order bat." He thinks the White Sox's defense will get worse no matter what, and he says Masset might stick as "a sinker-cutter guy in short stints."