Fay: Dunn not "having even a mediocre year"

I don't know what he's thinking here, and the article doesn't make it any more clear.

Four of their highest-paid, most experienced players are having bad years. Among Griffey, Adam Dunn, Aaron Harang and Bronson Arroyo, none is having even a mediocre year.

Dusty, of course, quickly came to the defense of his players:

"That's a fair assessment," Baker said. "You pay attention to them because they're big guys. They're the highest-salary guys."

... wait a minute...

There's also this article from Fay that really deserves its own thread, if someone would be so kind.  Wait until you read the explanation for having Homer swing away in the second inning.  I can't believe Dusty actually says what he thinks sometimes.  If that was my line of thinking, I'd just keep it to myself.