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Open Thread: Two weeks til the All Star Break

David Richard/AP

For all intents and purposes the month of June is over.   It was month where the Reds faced only two teams with a losing record - Toronto (currently 40-43) and Cleveland (currently 37-45).  So it shouldn't be a surprise that the Reds have only managed an 11-16 month so far.  There were some positives - the bullpen managed a 3.12 ERA during the month - but there were also negatives - the offense batted .217/.302/.357 during June and the starters posted a 5.44 ERA. 

I'm not holding on to any belief that the Reds still have a shot at the playoffs this year, but that doesn't mean that they can't make some noise still.  They are only 7 games under .500 right now and a good run over the next two weeks could at least create some excitement for the second half. 

The upcoming 7-game home stand is crucial to that end.  First they play 3 against the Pirates.  A sweep would put the Pirates in last place all alone and could manage to bump the Reds all the way up to fourth (depending on how the Astros do against the Dodgers).  After the Pirates, Leatherpants brings his last place crew to town for a 4-game stint.  You may recall an 8-game homestand last year where the Reds went 2-6 against the Pirates and Nats.  If that happens again this year then they might as well blow the team up cause it ain't going anywhere.

After playing the Pirates and Nats, the Reds head out on the road to face the Cubs and Brewers before the All Star break.  If they can win 5 or 6 at home before going on the road, they might just be able to get to .500 with a little luck before the break.  It'll be tough, but if the Reds are going to make a move, it has to be right now while they are playing division rivals in 9 of 13 games.  If they want fans to have any interest in the last 3 months of the season, they better take advantage of this opportunity.