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Game 78: Reds at Blue Jays

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Cincinnati Reds
@ Toronto Blue Jays

Tuesday, Jun 24, 2008, 7:07 PM EDT
Rogers Centre

Bronson Arroyo vs A.J. Burnett

Mostly clear. Winds blowing in from left field at 5-10 m.p.h. Game Time temperature: Around 75.

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2008 - Bronson Arroyo 4-6 5.55 1.58 81 32

2008 - A.J. Burnett 6-7 5.42 1.56 90 46

Hmm, Arroyo and Burnett are having very similar seasons, no? The good news for the Reds is that Arroyo makes about half of what Burnett makes this year and is owed about $3.5 million less over the next two seasons. I wouldn't expect both of these pitchers to continue to suck all summer. Hopefully it's Arroyo that picks his game up, though I still believe he's just a 6 inning pitcher now.

Offensively there are two big stories this series. First, Joey Votto goes home. He's batting .500 over the last 7 games. Look for him to hit at least double that while playing at home.

The other story is Adam MAD! Surely Dunn will feel like he has something to prove playing in front of JP Riccardi. The only question is whether is bat will be straightened out in time. If only motivation were enough for a player to turn it on.

The Reds are 6-3 against the real Mickey Mouse league. Two of three above the border would be nice.