Hug-of-War of Ohio

[Note by Rick House, 05/16/08 1:38 PM EDT ] Got a note from Let's Go Tribe that they would like for us to visit the original FanPost by SuddenSam rather than indulge in a wholesale copy-and-paste. They realize no harm was intended, but I am obliging them with edits and a link. -Rick

As the Reds get set to welcome the team from up by the lake, it's a good time to reflect on the shared history the two teams have.  One of the guys at Let's Go Tribe put together this list of All-Time Players who played for both the Reds and the Indians.  Check it out.


As much as I despise inter-league play, here it comes.  I know I am not the only recovering Reds fan here, so I self-indulgently put together an all-time team of players who plied their trades at both ends of the Buckeye State.

Please feel free to criticize or remind me of obvious choices I left out.  This mostly comes from memory and unsystematic searching.

They included one guy from each position, including:

3B - Buddy Bell

The easiest choice of all.  Played many more seasons in Cleveland, but was still productive in his later years in Cincinnati.  And he practically grew up in the Reds clubhouse.  Best I can come up with as a backup here is Jeff Branson.  That's a long way down from Buddy Bell, one of the most under-appreciated players in history.


It's an interesting list, perhaps moreso to some of the fans that have been around for a long time.  I'm unfamiliar with a lot of these players, myself.  This guy wanted to make a list of players that were good for both teams, so a lot of my favorite players who played for both teams (Sean Casey, Brandon Phillips, Danny Graves, Aaron Boone) aren't on the list because they weren't very good for the Indians.  Strangely though, Greg Swindell was my favorite pitcher the season he played for the Reds.

What do you think of this list?  Any glaring omissions?  One of the commenters at LGT noted that Dave Burba should have made the list.  He was never spectacular, but he was a solid pitcher for both teams, and an Ohio boy to boot.

In semi-related news, the Indians also recalled Jeremy Sowers, just in time to face the team that drafted him in the first round in 2001.  Welcome back to the 'Nati, ya Commodore bastard!