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Farmers only: Harang, Volquez, Arroyo, and prayer for rain answered

The top farm club, being only 100 miles from Cincinnati, also rained out, which left me wondering: What's your favorite memory/tradition from a rain postponement?

Tonys Gutierrez

Triple-A: The Bats rained out and will play a doubleheader tonight at 6:35. Homer goes in Game 1.

Double-A: B.J. Szymanski knocked a grand slam in the first inning and Chattanooga cruised on out 6-4. Chris Valaika was 1 for 4 with two runs, and on-base machine Tonys Gutierrez was 2 for 3 with a walk to extend his Southern League-leading OBP to .467. This guy's actually halfway exciting. He's 24, which is old but not terribly so, and he has a career OBP of .402. He's got no power, especially for a first baseman (.117 isoP), but then neither does Kevin Youkilis. UP NEXT: Game 2 vs. Mississippi, 7:15 tonight.

Philippe-Alexandre Valiquette

High A: Todd Frazier was 2 for 4 with a homer, but Sarasota lost 2-1 to the Threshers. Travis Wood allowed just one earned run to lower his ERA to 2.38. Ramon Geronimo inherited a bases-loaded mess in the ninth and hit a guy to force in the winning run. UP NEXT: Game 2 at Clearwater, 7 tonight.

Low A: Rarely discussed second baseman Kevyn Feiner was 2 for 4 with his first homer of the season in Dayton's 4-2 loss at Lansing. No hits for Waring or Mesoraco, but Quebecois Philippe-Alexandre Valiquette had 5 strikeouts in 2 innings to up his total to 23 in 19 innings. Starter Luis Montano (5-2), who's having a good start to the season, struck out 6 in 7 innings, allowing 4 runs -- three in one shot -- in the third inning. UP NEXT: Game 1 vs. Great Lakes, 7 tonight.