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The Red Reporter Book Club: The Soul of Baseball (pp 1-24)

Broadside_june43_mediumBy now ya'll should be somewhat familiar with the Red Reporter Book Club and if you've decided to become a member of the RRBC you've probably got your copy of Joe Posnanski's book and you're ready and raring to start doing whatever people in book clubs do.

(If you want to get a copy and join us, it's not too late!  The first "assignment" is only 24 pages and it's such an easy read that you could probably knock it out during the drive home from Barnes & Noble.  C'mon and join in.  This thread should be active for at least a day or two so seriously, you've got time to get caught up.)


First, some ground rules:

~ Please be as kind and pleasant towards others as you would be in any other Red Reporter thread. ;)

~ Please refrain from posting any "spoilers."  TSOB is not exactly a plot-twisting cliffhanger (at least I don't think it is) but that doesn't mean that if you've read beyond the scheduled sections, you should feel free to let everyone know that you know more than they do.  Just chill.  Be cool.

~ At the beginnning of each "meeting," Rick, Slyde, JD and I are gonna throw a couple-few questions and/or topics out for everyone's consideration.  But if you've got anything else that you want to discuss, feel free to take the thread where you think it might go.  (Again, we're not opposed to the RRBC threads being like pretty much any other thread here.)  If you've got insights to offer that aren't necessarily in response to any existing discussions, hey, go for it.  And feel free to go ahead and get tangential.

~ Gimme a break, will ya?  I'm reading this post as I finish it and man, are there some corny sounding parts.  It's a friggin' internet baseball book club.  There's only so much I can do with this intro.

Now, let's get started with the proposed questions and/or topics regarding the first 24 pages. Have fun...

1.  Buck and Joe swapped tales of their "best days in baseball" (pp12-18).  Describe your best day(s) in baseball.  Playing in a game, coaching a little league team, cheering for a certain nine year-old slugger, grilling JTMs with the Reds on the radio or sipping stale beer at Shea with a pretty girl... do tell.

2.  Then something small happened... (pg 4-7)  Joe describes Jason Lane tossing a ball into the stands for fans to scramble for...  Have you ever gone to a baseball game and ended up with a souvenir "game ball"?

3.  "Take your time," he always said. "I like this." Always.  (pg 2)  Joe describes Buck's extraordinarily kind and easy-going nature, especially with complete strangers.  Personally, Buck already reminds me of my late grandfather in his last years, a strong yet caring "simple" eighty-something man who was always grateful (and wisely appreciative) when the modern world was sometimes forced to slow to his pace.... Is their anyone in your life that Buck O'Neil reminds you of?

4.  Some other things we might chat about:  Ernie Banks... "Swathy" in the elevator ...Craig Biggio... The Zulu Cannibal Giants...  1976 Chevy Novas ... The Jerry Lewis Telethon ... cheap baseball gloves ... Billy Joel and 50 Cent ... Cleveland

What else?