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We may be entering a recession and the markets may be soft right now but you'll all be pleased and proud to know that Red Reporter is taking an unprecedented step to buy up our own little corner of the interweb.

Check it out. (Scroll down. No, wait. Not that far. Scroll back up a bit. You see it? Pretty cool, huh?)

For those of you who long ago stopped trusting me to send you off linking to anything worth seeing... just trust me on this one. It's pretty cool. (Cooler than poppin' and lockin' for papal pleasure. And cooler than a hockey rink blowing up under a monster truck race.)

For those of you who don't click on any hyperlinks until after your mom has checked them all out for razorblades and anthrax, I'll just spell it out for you..

Your favorite quiet little out-of-the-way Cincinnati Reds blog has gone big time. We're sponsoring's 2008 Cincinnati Reds page.

Pretty cool, huh?

No? Seriously?

We've sold out? We've cashed out our street cred? We've lost that certain charm that you can spend your whole life searching through semi-literate sports blogs to find? We're stupid and new?

Wait. What if I told you.. that umm... that you can win a contest! Yeah, there ya go. I knew you'd like that. Contests are fun and challenging and not without an element of seduction. Kinda like Wheel of Fortune.

Here's what you're gonna do: Come up with a tagline wittier than the one Slyde posted with the initial purchase. And don't worry, you're not gonna hurt Slyde's feelings. He wants the tagline to change. In fact, we're planning to change it monthly or weekly or something. I can't remember right now. I'll let you know soon. But rest assured, when it changes it will be because a Red Reporter came up with something good and it was rec'd a bunch of times and it passed JD's thorough approval process. (Psst.. Little known secret: JD hardly ever reads his own blog! For the past eight or ten months he's been pretty busy volunteering and campaigning pretty heavily for Ron Paul. I know.. weird, right?)

Anyway, get your ideas for the new tagline put up in this thread below and feel free to discuss this bold sponsorship idea from Bob in Marketing. And if you've got nothing to contribute along those lines, check out our new partner for a while and then come back and tell us what cool things you found on the most awesome website in all the internet. (Yes! 38 cents every time I type that.)