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Reds lose 5-3, post-game wrap

Not a lot of positives to glean from today's game. The pen was excellent, and dusty's overmanagement in the ninth almost worked. Other than that, it was a good day for a non-TV game.

That lineup was atrocious. Freel, Hopper, Castro, Bako, no Griffey, no Votto or Hatteberg... just atrocious. It's not the team I get excited to watch every day. That being said, Dunn and Edwin continue their early swoon, Phillips continues to swing for the moon and, most importantly, Bronson never really gave the offense a chance to make it a game. I'm sure it's a little disconcerting when your starting pitcher gives up four homers in the first three innings. I know his (and Harang's) home run tendencies have a lot to do with GABP, but fruck, come on. Four in the first three innings is too many.

The good news: Johnny Cueto takes the mound tomorrow to face Jeff Suppan in Milwaukee. I like our chances there.