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Reds beat Phillies 4-3, post-game wrapup

We don't usually do these, but with the gamethread going slow I thought I'd give the front page a clean forum.

Harang doesn't appear to be in midseason form, but he still had a pretty good game. He ended the game well after getting in that jam in the sixth and finished with six strikeouts in seven innings with three walks (two in that sixth).

Big ups to Dunn and Edwin for walking in the ninth, Hopper for laying down a perfect bunt, Freel for balls-to-the-wallsing on Bako's nubber, Bako for his nubber and Corey Patterson for that huge eighth-inning homer. Without the home run Cordero doesn't come out in the ninth and it's a totally different game.

Junior looked like he got all of two balls, but whether it was the April air or a deflated bat, he's stuck on 593.

All in all a good game. The rubber match will be an uphill climb, though, with our other youngster (Edinson) going against Philly's ace (Myers).