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Game 5 Thread: Reds vs. Phillies Part II


Philadelphia Phillies @ Cincinnati Reds

04/05/08 1:10 PM EDT

Cincinnati Reds Philadelphia Phillies
Corey Patterson - CF Jimmy Rollins - SS
Jeff Keppinger - SS Shane Victorino - CF
Ken Griffey - RF Chase Utley - 2B
Brandon Phillips - 2B Ryan Howard - 1B
Adam Dunn - LF Pat Burrell - LF
Edwin Encarnacion - 3B Geoff Jenkins - RF
Scott Hatteberg - 1B Greg Dobbs - 3B
Paul Bako - C Chris Coste - C
Aaron Harang - P Adam Eaton - P

We're kicking Eaton's ass, but we've only got two runs to show for it. Still, it's 2-1 and Harang is through five with only 68 pitches. We're in good shape.