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Farmers only crank that Soulja Boy

Brandon Waring

Triple-A: Justin Lehr had another nice start, but this time he flew too close to a fellow undefeated and got burned as the Bats lost 4-3. Lehr struck out 9 (including his first 4 batters) and  Jay Bruce was 0 for 4 with a sac-fly RBI. Drew T. Anderson was 3 for 4 with a double, and David Weathers had a perfect inning with a strikeout in a rehab start. UP NEXT: The Bats play Toledo today at 11 in the morning for little-kiddies-visit-the-park-and-ruin-the-experience-for-grown-ups day.

Low A: Brandon Waring returned to the Dragons' starting lineup (as a DH) and hit two home runs -- including the go-ahead shot in the ninth -- as Dayton  won 3-2 at Peoria. Waring had pinch-hit once since last Wednesday, so I assume something was wrong. When I find out what, I'll let you know. He now has a system-best 7 homers (in 21 games) on the season. (These were his first homers since April 16, when he hit 2.) He moved into fifth in the Midwest League in OPS. Todd Frazier is fourth, and Keltavious Jones is third. UP NEXT: Doubleheader at Peoria, starting at 6 tonight.

Chattanooga and Sarasota were off but resume today. On their day off, I heard they were searching through these clips -- the best and worst Soulja Boy spin-off videos on the Internet.

Crank that Nickelodeon.
Crank that Paramount.
Crank that Disney.
Crank that Neverland.
Crank that Marvel Comics.
Crank that Lucasfilms.
Crank that J.K. Rowling.
Crank that Pokemon.
Crank that Zoinks.
Crank that Ned Flanders.

(If kids these days aren't sick of Soulja Boy yet, I don't know what to Tellem.)