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Game Thoughts: Reds Beat The Dbacks 6-5


First the bad:

- Jeff Brantley is a moron.

- Todd Coffey doesn't look any different from 2007. Hopefully it was first appearance of the year jitters and he'll settle down, but that was even more discouraging than his final line would indicate. He doesn't seem to be fulling anyone.

- I really don't understand throwing slower breaking stuff to pitchers. You're just giving them something that's more their speed by doing that. If an average Joe went up to the plate against Bronson Arroyo or Todd Coffey I'm pretty sure he'd rather see something coming at him at 75 mph than 92 mph, no matter how much the ball might drop or move. Three fastballs as hard as you can throw them oughta be enough to sit down 99% of pitchers.

Now the good:

- Kent Mercker looked like a genuinely good pitcher. If he could put up a good season that'd really be a big unexpected help.

- Jeff Keppinger needs to keep doing what he's doing and force the Reds to make a decision when Gonzalez comes back. Sure would be nice to have Gonzalez on the bench instead of Juan Castro.

- I have never understood why guys like Marty Brennaman and Jeff Brantley have such sticks up their asses when it comes to Edwin Encarnacion, but it was incredibly gratifying to see him hit his walk off home run tonight.

Photo by AP and Al Behrman