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All Kinds Of Wayne Krivsky Dirt From Hal McCoy


Hal McCoy has a pretty crazy blog entry up tonight with some parting shots from Wayne Krivsky:

“When I’m told before the season that I better win, I’m going to get all the pitching I can get,” he said. “Fogg was a $100,000 gamble, what we would pay him if he didn’t make the team. He made it so it cost $1.5 million and I still think it’s a good deal.

“When Homer Bailey didn’t make the team and Matt Belisle was injured, who did we have for our fifth starting spot? Nobody,” he said. “That’s where Fogg fit in. He made $3.7 million from the Rockies last year.”

And then there was the $3 million paid to outfielder Corey Patterson.

“I was told to get him signed, whatever it takes,” said Krivsky, who signed him for $3 million. Patterson was paid $4.7 million last year.

And Mike Stanton? “Stanton and the $3.5 million is on me,” he said. “And Juan Castro ($975,000), but I had something going with the Los Angeles Dodgers when I was let go. I told (new GM) Walt Jocketty to please try to find something for Castro.”

Krivsky kept quiet about pitcher Rheal Cormier and it was thought the Reds had to eat his salary when they released him. But when the Reds traded outfielder Chris Denorfia to Oakland the A’s agreed to pay Cormier’s $2 million, “And, actually, with interest we got $2.08 million,” said Krivsky.

Does this change anyone's opinion at all? The Cormier thing looks a little more defensible now, but Krivsky seems to think it being a money neutral deal makes it ok. That was a bad move all the way around that actively damaged the team, financially sound or not.

I'm also not surprised that Krivsky is distancing himself from Corey Patterson. Did anyone ever think that was anyone but Dusty Baker's idea?