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The Cardinals: A PREVIEW

Those damned Cardinals are six games over .500 and they're doing it with Wainright and Wellemeyer, Lohse and Looper.  Just as we Reds fans are thinking that the offense surely must take off one of these days, it seems that the Cards' staff must also return to earth any day now.

Hmm... unstoppable force meets immovable object?  Well, probably not but FWIW these unheralded division foes are each 5-6 in their last eleven games.

  • MONDAY 9pm EST: Arroyo vs Todd Allen Wellenmeyer (2-0  3.77) ... last three starts :  19ip  10er 16h  6bb  18k  3hr 

  • 29yrs  6'3"  225#   RHP  #37  [$1M in '08]
  • born in Louisville
  • drafted by CHC 2000 4th round  out of Bellarmine University (in Louisvile)
  • 91-94 mph fastball ... plus changeup ... average slider ... no control  ("Stay agressive tonight, Skip?")
  • 2007 vs CIN: 3 games (1 start )   8.2ip  2er  2h  9bb(!)  8k  0hr
  • career vs CIN:  15 games (4-1  4.22)  21.1ip  10er  16h  20bb(!)  21k  1hr
  • some Reds vs. Todd:  Junya:0/6  Dunn:1/8(w/3bb)  BP0/5  Hatte: 1.857OPS in 7PA
  • In the past 3+ years, Wellemeyer has pitched in over 100 games for a total of four teams (CHC, FLA, KC and now STL)
  • In 2007, Baseball Prospectus damned him with this faint praise: "Becoming the next Kyle Farnsworth is a best-case scenario."  This year, Tony LaRussa says , “If you’re short starters, you do the best that you can. If you don’t have an ideal situation, you don’t look for the ideal.”
  • ~~~

    MONDAY 815pm EST: Cueto vs Joel Alberto Piniero (1-2  5.29) ... last three starts:  17ip  10er  22h(!)  2bb  6k  2hr 

  • 29yrs  6'1"  200#   RHP  #35  [$5.5M in '08]
  • drafted by SEA 1997 12th round out of Edison Community College (FLA)
  • 90-93 mph fastball ... plus changeup ... has a very nice big swooping curve ... his delivery can be disorienting to hitters but it also considered a source of inconsistency for Piniero ... loses focus with men on base
  • He's only ever faced the Reds once in his career.  He outdueled Chris Reitsma on June 18, 2002.  26K+ at old Cinergy Field.. Whew! It's Gettin' Hot in Herre...