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Game 22 Thread: Reds vs. Astros

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Houston Astros
@ Cincinnati Reds

Wednesday, Apr 23, 2008, 7:10 PM EDT
Great American Ball Park

Chris Sampson vs Bronson Arroyo

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340x_medium Arroyoguitar_medium
Bob Levey/AP (Sampson)

2008 - Chris Sampson 0-2 8.74 1.89 3 3

2008 - Bronson Arroyo 0-2 5.48 1.66 18 8

Helluva match-up in this one. Neither pitcher is pitching particularly well this season. Sampson didn't make it out of the first inning in his last start against Colorado after only throwing 34 pitches. So, he's rested.

The Astros' offense has started to come to life recently, scoring 27 runs in their last three games. Throwing Arroyo out there doesn't give me a whole lot of confidence that they are going to slow down. Arroyo has mentioned several times that he hasn't felt right on the mound yet. Now he knows how I feel when I watch his JTM commercials. According to FanGraphs , there is evidence behind Bronson's words as all of his pitches seem to be going in the wrong direction speed-wise. HIs fastball, slider, and cutter are all slower, and his change up has picked up some speed. It'd be nice if he could turn that around today.

Any guesses on the number of players that popped over to the Van Halen concert after the game last night? I sure hope they got some shut eye and are ready to play tonight.

Win one last game for Krivsky, boys.