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Game 20 Wrapup: Anyone else have a headache?

David Kohl/AP

I'll admit it.  I was looking forward to Belisle pitching tonight.  I honestly expected him to put up a better performance.  Then again, I was also worried that his performance in the minors was a mirage caused by the minors.  I'm not ready to give up on him, but he needs some serious improvement next game or else.  And for those pining for Bailey, remember that his success has come against the same people that Belisle dominated.  So, there are no guarantees.


Thank Cool God for EdE and Votto.  Without them the Reds may not have scored a run tonight.  I think it's time for Dusty to move them up in the order and give them a chance to do some damage earlier in the game.  And for that matter, put BP and Patterson down in the order until they get themselves straightened out.  Enough with these mini-moves.  Time to shake some stuff up.

 The Wagon toes the rubber tomorrow to help stop the bleeding.  Things need to turn around soon.  This team isn't this bad.  But damn, they sure are frustrating to watch.