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What You Really Really Want: A DODGER PREVIEW


What would Dusty think of today's Dodger Way?  A manager from the Bronx and a fading British pop star throwing out the first pitch.  In China.

Anywhoo.. the Dodgers seem to be starting off this young season something like the Reds have.  Good pitching (though their young stud has not yet met expectations) but not enough timely hitting.  Or hitting, period.   7 up 11 down.  Fifth place in their division.

They're not exactly scary but they are gonna show us their All Star ace and a hard throwing lefty. 


MONDAY 710pm EST: Belisle vs Bradley Wayne Penny (2-2  2.96 ... last three starts: 17.2ip, 8er, 25h, 4bb, 10k, 0hr)

  • 29yrs  6'4"-260(!)  RHP  #31  [$9.25M in '08]
  • drafted by AZ 1996 5th round out of Broken Arrow High School (Oklahoma)
  • 94+ mph four-seam fastball ... sometimes nasty sinker at ~92mph ... big sweeping curveball ... he's considered "out of shape" (but not evidently by certain third-rate Alyssa Milano-type starlets) and is not considered a threat to go beyond the sixth or seventh inning ... can hit a lil' bit (career .739 OPS at Coors)
  • 2007 vs CIN:  1 game (1-0  1.42)  6.1ip  1er  4h  1bb  4k  0hr
  • 2006 vs CIN:  2 games (2.0  2.45)  11ip  3er  7h  7bb  9k  2hr
  • career at GABP: (4-0  2.00)
  • Remeber Josh Beckett killing Yankees in the '03 World Series?  Do ya remember the Marlins' other young stud?
  • And then in 2006 when he was 10-2  with a 2.91era in the first half and he started the All Star Game for the NL?  Remember that?  Ichiro, Jeter and BigPapi do.
  • ~~~

    TUESDAY 710pm EST: Volquez vs Hong-Chih Kuo (0-0  0.79 ... last two starts: 7ip  3h  1er  6bb  9k  0hr)

  • 26yrs  6'1"-235(!)  LHP  #56  [$392k in '08] 
  • signed as a free agent out of Taiwan by the Dodgers in 1999.  (Elbow surgeries kept him from his MLB debut until 2005.)
  • Look out!  97+mph from a lefty! ... Did I scare you? Don't worry.  That was from a scouting report published prior to his one, two, three.. four! elbow surgeries.  Wikipedia now tells us that his four-seamer now tops out in the low 90's.
  • Kuo has never faced the Reds.  So if you wanna check out his career splits, here they are.  (And if you wanna see some more nonsense featuring Eliza Dushku, well, I got some of that too.)
  • There is evidently some debate as to how we 'Mericans should pronounce his last name.
  • Torre is giving him every chance to keep Esteban Loaiza out of the fifth spot in the rotation but Kuo is evidently trying to nibble and strike everybody out.  And as you can imagine-- with an arm held together with duct tape and twistie ties-- he needs to avoid high pitch counts.
  • And finally (for now), Kuo hit the third in the Dodgers' back-to-back-to-back jacks that you might remember from last year.  (His bat flip was evidently pr'cool but alas, it is no longer recorded in the annals of the YouTube.  A cookie to whoever can find it and provide the link.)