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Game 20 Thread: Dodgers at Reds

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Los Angeles Dodgers
@ Cincinnati Reds

Monday, Apr 21, 2008, 7:10 PM EDT
Great American Ball Park

Brad Penny vs Matt Belisle

Clear. Winds blowing in from center field at 5-10 m.p.h.
Game Time temperature: Around 75.

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340x_medium Belisle_gene_j_puskar_ap_medium
Mark J. Terrill/AP (Penny), Gene J. Puskar/AP (Belisle)

2008 - Brad Penny 2-2 2.96 1.45 13 6

2008 - Matt Belisle 0-0 - - - -

Matt Belisle tore it up in the minors during his rehab stint. Over 3 starts, he pitched 24.2 innings and allowed 4 runs, 3 earned (1.09 ERA), while striking out 12 and walking just 1 batter. The big question is, was it because it was minor league hitters or because Matt Belisle has made the next step? Tonight we get to find out.

Brad Penny hasn't had a chance to overthrow in an All Star game yet this year, so he's still pitching well. Griffey likes to face him. Dunn doesn't. Freel has hit Penny well in the past, so hopefully he'll be able to start something at the top of the order tonight.

It's time for some positive momentum to take hold of this team. Hopefully yesterday's game was the start of a run. Penny's a tough pitcher to build off of, but it can be done. Let's go Reds!

Scheduling note: Tomorrow night, guys put on your super-tiny basketball shorts and ladies put on your over-sized sweaters because we're gonna take you back in time. Oh yes it's 80s night and the feeling's right. It should be totally rad!