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The Game When Edwin Did A Lot of Things

First off, I didn't realize how long we let the game thread get. Sorry about that.

There are pretty clearly two sides when it comes to Edwin Encarnacion at this blog. Some of us think he's a below average hitter and a terrible fielder. Some of us feel it's too early to decide if he'll reach his potential and think it might be easier for him to field if he weren't afraid of getting booed every time he makes an error.

I'm in the pro-Edwin camp. I think if we get off his back for half a year he'll get the defensive kinks figured out and become at least an average fielder. He makes a lot of tough plays, he just has some trouble with the easy stuff sometimes. I think it's from a lack of confidence, though I could be wrong. But in our organization, he's one of the most important hitters we have. Talk of sending him down to Louisville at this point is ludicrous if for no other reason than we can't afford to sacrifice his bat.

I'll say once again, before you cast him aside after untimely errors, remember that this game would not have gone to extra innings were it not for Edwin, and we would have lost 1-0. Was he good in the field today? He made a few good plays, but on the whole, considering how important his error was, no, he was horrendous. It's not his first error, and it won't be his last. But if we (fans, coaches, announcers) could give him just a little room to develop and not jump all over him every time he makes a mistake, he might be able to grow into a sound third baseman. He's only 25... that's not old. He's still among the youngest third basemen in the league. So try it. Chill out a little bit. Breathe. Remember he's a kid, and he's going to make mistakes. The most important trait for a guy at the hot corner is confidence. Give him some.