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I missed Elliot-thon to be stabbed in the face by Bill Hall for the 28th time


I think the story of the game was the bottom-left corner. Suppan and Cueto were hitting it all day, sometimes getting strikeouts and sometimes getting walks. It was pretty much a coin-flip whether Hunter Wendelstedt would call it a strike or a ball, and the pitch led to the ejections of Paul Bako and Ryan Freel and several other arguments. It's where Weathers was going when he threw out his arm. Both of Cordero's strikeouts were there. I think Hunter was giving away so many strikes there that it was really tempting to go there a lot.

So with a 3-2 count, and RISP, Bill Hall had a pretty good idea where Weathers was going to throw it. He had a beat on it the whole way, and the at-bat was probably over before it started.