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Off Day Quick Hits

David Kohl/AP

It's a much needed off day, for both the team and the fans. 

  • Justin has done some mathy examinations of the Reds lineup.  The results are interesting, though a bit hard to follow (unless you understand Markov Chains).  If you can follow the results, be sure to read the comments as MGL pops in with his own projections.  Generally lineup order does not make a significant difference (as much as who is in the lineup), but it's still fun to see how things might be improved by some fiddling.
  • If you haven't checked out Doug Gray's Reds Pitch F/X site, you should.  You'll learn things like, as of Friday, Corey Patterson had only swung and missed 4 times this year.  That's like Jeff Keppinger type performance.
  • Still confused as to what happened to the Reds's bats this season? It looks like it was all Juan Castro's fault.
  • Um, Gary Majewski kinda sucks.
  • Frank Thomas may be the most selfish baseball player in the history of selfish baseball players.  I know you are wondering, so I'll tell you that Adam Dunn has 2 sacrifice hits in his career.  EdE has the highest number of PAs for an active Reds player without a sacrifice hit.  Selfish.  Send him down! :)
  • This hit a little too close to home after this weekend.  But it's still funny.
  • If you are a fan of baseball, science, and publicly financed broadcasting, this is right up your alley.  They even try to explain Cubs fans scientifically.  My theory is that there is a chemical in Old Style that permanently destroys a person's ability to not root for suckiness.
  • I'm not an MLB media user anymore (used to have Gameday Audio), but it seems to me there is a lot of backlash with the way is doing things this year.  Coupled with their attempts to control all of baseball on the internet, it's becoming another disappointing set of PR moves by MLB.  I don't understand the idea of limiting a fans ability to enjoy the game.  Seems counter-productive to me.
  • Anybody notice that Kyle Lohse has only allowed 2 runs over his first 17.1 innings so far this year?  He's looking like a steal right now for the Cardinals.  Then again, he looked pretty good after 4 starts for the Reds last year.

Anything else that I missed?