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Game 10 wrap, Reds win 4-1

Al Behrman/AP
Al Behrman/AP
Another beaut from the staff. Harang had an excellent game, tallying (by my count) a game score of 71. Eight innings, five hits, one run, three strikeouts, no walks. And a perfect outing from Cordero. The pitching the past two weeks has been a lot of fun to watch and has made the games much less stressful.

The only anxiety has been wondering whether the bats will heat up. That seems to be happening. After the first four innings today the hitters had a lot to say, and we were one hit away from breaking the game wide open in the seventh. Still, four runs seemed ample at the time, so Griffey's double play didn't sting too bad.

Hitters 5 through 8 were 7 for 13. The top of the order was 0 for 16. It doesn't really matter which guys are hitting as long as some of the guys are hitting. With the surprises from Patterson and Bako so far this season, that's been a little easier to do, even though Dunn, Encarnacion and Hatteberg are batting .172, .148 and .211, respectively.

Loved the fake bunt by Harang in the seventh. Every time we want to bunt, we should do that instead.

It's Edinson vs. Paul Maholm tomorrow. Sounds great to me.