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Thursday Morning Quick Hits

News and notes as we try to find sleeping space for all of the new Red Reporters:

  • The offense opened it up last night, didn't they?  That's good to see.  Everybody who batted last night had a hit except Fogg, Votto, and Castro.  Finally got to see Dunn leave the park with a glove assisted HR.  And Corey Patterson continues to be the front-runner for the Joe Randa Award of Fan Favoritism.  It was a good night.
  • Fogg wasn't great last night, but he did pretty much what he's getting paid to do.  I'd like to see him make it through 6 innings, but he kept the game contained long enough, and now he's tied for the team lead in wins.  Paul Daugherty considers him the ace of the staff.  Fogg agrees: "I told Griff: Get me 12 a night and I'll be a pretty good pitcher," Fogg said.
  • Dusty thought it was a big win: "That's a huge win for us tonight. It's the difference between being 1 1/2 back and 3 1/2 back."  Why are you bringing math into a game about emotion?  He goes on to say, "That's what we preach: Be aggressive," Baker said. "It's not hard with these guys. They're an aggressive bunch of guys."  Ah, that's better.
  • For those that haven't heard, JD and his wife, Mrs. Red Reporter, welcomed their first child into the world last night.  The only other details that I have is that it's a boy and we'll all call it "Red".  In related news congratulate both Caleb and Madville as they both became grandfathers once again as well, but not to the same kid. 
  • This deserves it's own bullet point.  It's great to see Caleb back in the game threads last night.  For those that hadn't heard, Caleb suffered a heart attack over the weekend, but he looks to be on the path to full recovery.  The doctor's have told him he can watch the Reds, but he's not allowed to follow along during the dreaded 8th.  It's great to have you back, Caleb!
  • Let's watch it on the pictures that are getting posted and linked to in the threads.  I like boobs as much as the next guy, but let's not forget that there are ladies and children that read this site as well.  Either start posting some man meat for them, or reel it in on the boobage.  :)   Actually, I'm just afraid of opening pandora's box and finding ourselves crossing that line a little too much.  I'm not trying to reprimand anybody, just reminding you that exposing crolfer to that stuff might be a federal offense.
  • Rubber match today.  Harang vs. Vilanueva.  Hopefully Dusty puts a competitive lineup on the field on getaway day.
  • The Baseball Reference RR tagline competition is still open.  So, go vote or whatever.