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Review Of MLB08 The Show Plus Our Five Winners


I have been playing MLB08 The Show now for a couple of weeks, and I'm honestly loving this game more than any other baseball game since ... I don't even know. Ken Griffey Jr. baseball for the Super Nintendo? It's been a really long time since I've enjoyed a baseball video game (unless you count OOTP, which is an entirely different animal in my mind).

I haven't gotten into online play or even franchise play yet (you might want to check out more in depth reviews for that) but I have been playing the Road to the Show format quite a bit, and it's a really good time seeing the incredibly detailed minor league stadiums and trying to advance your created player through the organization's minor league system. I also want to know that, incredibly, the announcers haven't been at all annoying, something that has always driven me crazy in the past. Even Madden has suffered from repetitive speech, but I haven't seen this as an issue in The Show (although it's possible I haven't played enough yet).

If you have a PS3 I'd definitely suggest picking this up.

Ok, on to our winners. The correct answer was 1466, and here are the email addresses of the people who came the closest without going over:

hurricanseason2001 [at] yahoo [dot] com

dnic24 [at] gmail [dot] com

sleuck [at] purdue [dot] edu

JHall [at] transy [dot] edu

jch24 [at ] hotmail [dot] com

If one of these addresses belongs to you send me your shipping info and I'll get your game mailed out tomorrow (want to get all the addresses together before heading to the post office so get them in quick if you can).

Nobody got the number exactly right, but stevo154 was the closest with a guess of 1465.

Thanks again for all the guesses everyone.

UPDATE: The Answers

  1. The Reds lost more starts by Tom Browning than any other pitcher in the last 50 years. How many games did the Reds lose in which Browning was the starting pitcher during his career? (124)
  2. Adam Dunn has homered in 218 games in his major league career. How many of those games have the Reds won? (131)
  3. How many times has Ryan Freel stolen third base as a Red? (31)
  4. How many games have the Reds played at GABP where the home team has not homered? (117)
  5. What is the total number of runs scored by the Reds during the month of August since 2000? (1063)

I ran queries on my own computer against Retrosheet data for #3 and #5, but #5 should match Baseball-Reference (once they get their splits fixed).  I don't know of anywhere that #3 can be found online, but I can post the raw data below if someone needs it. - Slyde