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Opening Day Game Thread: Reds vs. Diamondbacks

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Arizona Diamondbacks
@ Cincinnati Reds

Monday, Mar 31, 2008, 1:10 PM CDT
Great American Ball Park
Brandon Webb vs Aaron Harang

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AP Photo by Nam Y. Huh AP Photo by Al Behrman

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It's Opening Day once again. Somehow the grass is greener. The temperature is warmer. Aaron Harang is a little less ugly. Isn't it glorious?

This game is the start and continuation of a new era for the Reds. I think we can all see some positive direction for the organization, even if things aren't going precisely as we'd like them. Here's hoping this season gets started off on a positive note!

And I'll give the SBN guys some credit. They've added some neat little features for the game threads. Not sure if they'll all work properly today, but I'm looking forward to seeing them in action. Hopefully they'll add to the pleasure of being drunk on boobs's couch, if anything truly can add to that experience.

Webb photo courtesy of AP, taken by Nam Y. Huh
Harang photo courtesy of AP, taken by Al Behrman