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Reds Still Looking At Joe Blanton

From Daugherty:

The Reds and Dodgers are talking with Oakland about Joe Blanton. Blanton has won 42 games in the past 3 years, was 14-10 last year and is already signed this year, to a relatively cheap $3.8 million deal.

I know all about Blanton's home/road splits, but I would still be ok with acquiring him, assuming the Reds don't give up any of their big four.

You just can't ever have enough pitching, and picking up Blanton would give the Reds 6-7 guys who could start without putting up Eric Milton like numbers. It's rare to make it through an entire season with just five starters anyway, and right now the Reds have a lot of question marks as it is, even with the starting five they have penciled in.