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Community Prospect Rankings: #2

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Round two of the prospect ranking is starting today. It was a decisive victory for Yonder Alonso as the team's #1 prospect, probably because I endorsed him and you all are sheep and not because every other site has him as the #1 prospect too.

Today we add Kyle Lotzkar to the list as we vote for the second best prospect in the Reds system. I expect this vote to be a lot closer than yesterday's vote and therefore it may have to run all weekend before it is called. I think anyone of the 4 remaining players from yesterday's vote could make a case as the team's #2, and given how closely bunched together they were behind Alonso, it should be interesting to see who steps up into the spot.

Post your argument for your man in the thread. This is a crucial decision, so make it wisely.

Neftali Soto, 3B/IF:

John Sickels rank: 4
Redsminorleagues rank: 2
Age: 19
Draft/Acquisition Details: 3rd round (pick 109), Reds, 2007
Last Level Played: A- (Dayton)

2008 Statistics:
Billings (Rookie): 15 G, 67 AB, .388/.423/.746
Dayton (A-): 52 G, 218 AB, .326/.343/.500
Santurce (Puerto Rico Winter League): 6 G, 11 AB, .091/.077/.091

Todd Frazier, SS/IF/OF:

John Sickels rank: 2
Redsminorleagues rank: 4
Age: 22
Draft/Acquisition Details: 1st round (pick 34), Reds, 2007
Last Level Played: A+ (Sarasota)

2008 Statistics:
Dayton (A-): 30 G, 112 AB, .321/.402/.598
Sarasota (A+): 100 G, 366 AB, .281/.357/.451
Waikiki (HWL): 27 G, 95 AB, .295/.375/.547

Chris Valaika, SS:

John Sickels rank: 3
Redsminorleagues rank: 5
Age: 23
Draft/Acquisition Details: 3rd round (pick 84), Reds, 2006
Last Level Played: AA (Chattanooga)

2008 Statistics:
Sarasota (A+): 32 G, 135 AB, .363/.393/.585
Chattanooga (AA): 97 G, 379 AB, .301/.352/.443
Peoria (AFL): 27 G, 95 AB, .311/.346/.437

Drew Stubbs, CF:

John Sickels rank: 5
Redsminorleagues rank: 3
Age: 23
Draft/Acquisition Details: 1st round (pick 8), Reds, 2006
Last Level Played: AAA (Louisville)

2008 Statistics:
Sarasota (A+): 86 G, 303 AB, .261/.366/.406
Chattanooga (AA): 26 G, 92 AB, .315/.400/.402
Louisville (AAA): 27 G, 95 AB, .311/.346/.437
Peoria (AFL): 22 G, 85 AB, .200/.306/.329

Kyle Lotzkar, RHP:

John Sickels rank: 8
Redsminorleagues rank: 7
Age: 19
Draft/Acquisition Details: 1st round (pick 53), Reds, 2007
Last Level Played: A (Dayton)

2008 Statistics:
Dayton (A): 10 GS, 37.2 IP, .29 H, 24 BB, 50 SO, 3.58 ERA, 1.41 WHIP