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Water Cooler Wednesday

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What are Reds fans discussing at the water cooler on a Wednesday morning in December?  Use this as an open thread for today.  If you haven't listened to the Hot Stove league thing in obc's diary, it's worth checking out, if only because Marty kind of comes off as a blowhard and cream-of-the-crap Reds fans are calling in suggesting that Roger Clemens and David Eckstein are the answers to the Reds problems.

A few links:

  • Fay has an article up about the free agents that the Reds are/should be pursuing.  Nothing new there, but it's kind of a primer on what the Reds may be up to.  Names mentioned: Jerry Hairston Jr., Willy Taveras, Ty Wigginton, Pat Burrell, Milton Bradley, Rocco Baldelli, and Gabe Kapler.
  • Doug has a good article up on RML about the future of the Reds LF.  Also, the Hawaiian Winter League is no more.
  • JinAZ has a detailed look at the Freel/Hernandez trade (linking it a little late, I know, but it's worth checking out).
  • C. Trent has a Dominican Winter League update from Rob Butcher on his blog today.

    Juan Francisco has 9 home runs for Cibao, a new Dominican Winter League record for a lefthanded batter. The previous record for HR by a LH batter in the DWL was 8, established by Rafael Batista in 1974 and tied by Batista in 1975.

Unfortunately, the Reds have been pretty quiet this week.  A few other non-Reds related links:

If you guys see anything else worth posting, feel free to post them in the comments.