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Should the Reds be trying to get a right handed bat?

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The discussions today have been varied, but one common theme being discussed is if the Reds need to be searching for a right-handed bat to fill their lineup.  I say no, and here's why.  Below you'll see a table of the splits for all of the likely major players on the Reds (at this point).  Splits are at the Major League level except for Hanigan and Dickerson.  I've included Bruce's minor league splits because they are far less dramatic than his MLB splits and I expect that his splits will balance more with more experience.

                 vs LHP           vs RHP
Votto        .289/.356/.477 | .305/.373/.528
Phillips     .294/.343/.502 | .249/.294/.394
Keppinger    .351/.403/.515 | .258/.309/.336
Gonzalez     .247/.298/.402 | .249/.295/.399
Encarnacion  .273/.376/.465 | .264/.332/.451
Dickerson    .223/.328/.319 | .272/.364/.464
Bruce        .190/.263/.299 | .286/.340/.529
 -MiLB       .289/.349/.526 | .322/.379/.587
Hopper       .367/.406/.456 | .282/.341/.315
Hanigan      .339/.440/.435 | .289/.382/.369
Hernandez    .261/.334/.449 | .263/.323/.410

Now look at those numbers and tell me who you would rather the Reds face this year, a right-handed pitcher or a left-handed pitcher?  And let's not forget that the Reds have faced a right-handed starter an average of 111 times a year in the last 6 years.  And 69% of their plate appearances last year came against right-handers.

This isn't a team heavy on the lefties anymore.  It worries me a lot to see the Reds managing as if it is.