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So, what's next?

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Now that the Reds have filled the catcher position, Walt Jocketty must set his sights on filling some remaining holes in the roster.  The trade of Freel has made the hole in the outfield even more obvious - though did anyone really think of Freel as helping the outfield situation?  According to Fay, that looks like the place Jocketty might be focusing on next:

"We've got to find some outfielders," he said. "We'll work on that. We're still looking for that right-handed hitter. We're looking at some things to strengthen our bench. Dusty (Baker) would like have someone to come off the bench get a base hit or a home run, so we're looking for more power and experience."

With the free agent market pretty stagnant is it possible the Reds could add mid-level free agent to fill an outfield spot?

"We'll look at that," Jocketty said. "We'll look at trades, too. But if we can find free agents you don't have to give up any more players."

However, let's not forget that the Reds still need to upgrade their defense at SS and 3B, if at all possible.  And the bullpen is coming together with Cordero, Burton, Bray, Weathers, Lincoln, Roenicke, and Herrera, but the Reds are probably likely to add one more veteran to that mix.

What's your priority at this point?  Do you think the Reds should find the biggest bat they can get or do you think that upgrading the defense should be a priority? 

Should they still be looking for a CF or would you go after a masher on the corner? Can this team win with Norris Hopper as the 4th outfielder?

Will you be okay if Encarnacion is playing 3B next year? 

What if Gonzalez or Keppinger is still playing shortstop? 

Do you look at Hernandez as an upgrade to the team over last season, or filler for a hole in the roster?

Now that Freel is gone, do you want to see Cherry Hudson back on the roster?

Is the bullpen good enough for you?

Who are the top 5 players (available or rumored to be available) that you'd like to see the Reds pursue at this point?